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  • B.Elite membership and points collected are non-transferable.
  • New members of B.Elite will automatically be members of BCard, enabling points collection for both memberships. If you are already a member of BCard, possessing membership of B.Elite will override the existing BCard membership, providing you with even more access to benefits and privileges from both B.Elite and BCard.
  • B.Elite members' companies are required to have corporate rates agreement with Berjaya Hotels & Resorts (BHR) or event bookings at any BHR properties.
  • B.Elite members are required to produce a production of 50 room nights at any BHR properties.
  • BHR or BLoyalty may withdraw a B.Elite Membership if the member's company's Code of Ethics Policy prevents the member from participating in the programme, provided however, BHR or BLoyalty may allow such membership if consent in writing by the senior management of the member's company is obtained.
  • BHR or BLoyalty reserve the right to approve new applicants or renew existing B.Elite Membership without assigning any reason or giving prior notice.
  • BLoyalty, in consultation with BHR, reserves the right to change, adjust or cancel part of this entire programme or any privileges under this programme at any time without prior notice; even if the changes may affect the points available for redemption.
  • No annual fee will be charged for the membership.
  • BHR or BLoyalty reserve the right to terminate or suspend inactive members for one (1) year.
  • Upon termination of B.Elite Membership, all rights, benefits and privileges of the member shall cease immediately and all points in the member's account shall immediately expire and cease to be redeemable.
  • BHR shall reserve the right to select members for invitation to activities and events based on qualifying points achieved with BHR.


  • Members will receive a "Welcome Pack" which includes the membership information and the B.Elite card within two (2) weeks of approved application.
  • The B.Elite card carries a membership number assigned specifically to the individual member.
  • A member may use B.Elite card at BHR and at participating merchants' outlets to earn points.
  • For booking transactions at BHR, the B.Elite card number MUST be provided during bookings transactions.
  • The B.Elite card is issued on a complimentary basis.
  • The B.Elite card holds no cash value.
  • In the event the B.Elite card is lost or stolen, the member shall immediately notify BHR or BLoyalty and provide all information requested or required relating to the loss or theft to facilitate a card replacement.
  • A fee of RM10.00 will be imposed for the replacement of the B.Elite card.


  • Members can check their points online, simply by login to the B.Elite website at www.berjayahotel.com/B.Elite or BCard website at www.bcard.com.my and key in member ID & password.
  • For reservations or bookings at BHR: In the event of any discrepancies, error or omission in their account after reservations or bookings at BHR, members may contact BHR within forty five (45) days of the member's guest checking out or event day in order to clarify and adjust (where applicable) points awarded. BHR shall reserve the right not to award the points after the forty five (45) days grace period.


  • Reservations or bookings: Members are required to provide B.Elite card number when placing reservations / bookings for rooms, events or dining outlets in BHR to earn points. Points are earned when reservations / bookings in BHR are materialized.
  • For transactions at other participating merchants' outlets, the B.Elite card must be presented to the cashier of the participating merchants' outlets BEFORE each purchase to record the amount spent. B.ELITE CARD PRESENTED AFTER THE TRANSACTION WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED FOR POINT ACCUMULATION.
  • Merchant may decline to accept a member's B.Elite card for recording of points if the B.Elite card is deemed as invalid by the merchant by reason of (i) the B.Elite card has been declared or advised by BHR or BLoyalty to be invalid, lost or stolen; or (ii) the B.Elite card is damaged, altered, defaced, re-printed or re-embossed on the face of it in any manner or there are other irregularities on the face of the B.Elite card.
  • Points will be awarded at the rate agreed between BLoyalty and BHR / merchant when a member makes reservations / bookings in BHR or purchases goods (except for vouchers) at participating merchant's outlets. BLoyalty may alter the method and rate at which points are awarded at its discretion from time to time.
  • Each point is equivalent to the value of RM0.01 (1 Sen) or such or value as BLoyalty may revise from time to time.
  • Points earned will take up to two (2) weeks to be credited to the member's account.
  • Points expire 36 months after issuance on a first-in, first-out basis.
  • Points cannot be transferred to another member's account.
  • Points accumulated are utilized only for redemption of rewards as determined by BHR and BLoyalty and cannot be converted into cash or other compensation.


  • Issuance of rewards will be processed upon redemption from the B.Elite website at www.berjayahotel.com/B.Elite or BCard website at www.bcard.com.my.
  • BHR and BLoyalty will use its best endeavours to process and deliver the rewards redeemed within two (2) weeks of redemption. All rewards are subject to availability and further subject to all applicable legal rules and the terms and conditions (including booking requirements, cancellation restrictions, return conditions, warranties and limitations of liability) as imposed by the supplier of the reward and BHR or BLoyalty. When points are redeemed for a reward that is to be supplied by a third party, BLoyalty or BHR may (but is not obliged to) act as an intermediary between the member and the third party. BHR and BLoyalty will use their best endeavours to ensure such rewards are supplied by the third party. BHR and BLoyalty shall not however be responsible for any failure or delay by a third party to supply such reward.
  • Members shall only use the number of points reflected in their current account statement when redeeming a reward.
  • Rewards will be sent via courier service to the member's active mailing address.
  • BHR and BLoyalty reserve the right to withdraw, change, replace, substitute or suspend any of the rewards offered at their sole discretion at any time and without notice on the availability of the rewards.
  • Vouchers / certificates are not exchangeable and are valid for use only until the date specified. If any vouchers / certificates remain unused after the specified date, the vouchers / certificates will lapse and will not be extended or replaced.



In these terms and conditions, unless the context otherwise requires, the following words and expressions shall have the following meanings:

B.Elite card : the co-branded BCard issued by BLoyalty to member

: BLoyalty Sdn Bhd

: Berjaya Hotels & Resorts, a hospitality division managed by Berjaya Resort Management Services Sdn Bhd

Member or Members
: individual(s) who has been accepted by BLoyalty as participating member(s) of the programme in accordance to the terms and conditions set forth herein

or Merchants : the participating merchant(s) of the programme

: the points awarded to members for purchases and redemption of rewards at BHR and participating merchants' outlets

:? BCard Loyalty Programme operated by BLoyalty in collaboration with BHR

: products, services, rewards, gifts or other benefits made available by BHR and BLoyalty under a rewards programme established by BHR and BLoyalty which may be redeemed by members


Our Policy on Privacy and Data Protection
Confidentiality : BLoyalty and BHR will ensure that all data provided by members will be held, retained and used in compliance with all data protection laws.

Participant's details : Members' details and information about transactions undertaken will be used by BLoyalty and BHR for research / statistical purposes and for running the programme. They may also be used by BLoyalty, BHR or selected third parties to inform members of products offers and services which may be of interest to members, unless otherwise instructed by members.

Telephone calls : In the interest of continuously improving services to members, BLoyalty or BHR may contact members to inform members of products offers and services which may be of interest to members, unless otherwise instructed by members.

Fraud : Information may be disclosed to the appropriate enforcement agencies or authorities with a view of preventing fraudulent or improper card use or to any party which BLoyalty or BHR is under a duty to disclose under any law, regulation, rule, directive or order.

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