Notre Responsabilité Sociale Corporative : nous engager et adopter l’ « engagement Loving Hearth dans nos Hôtels et Complexes Berjaya » est la première initiative. Avec un engagement complémentaire de préservation de la vie marine, les Hôtels et Complexes Berjaya promettent de faire preuve de bonne volonté et de se dévouer à améliorer le séjour de nos clients, ainsi que l’environnement global. Faisant part de la société, les Hôtels et Complexes Berjaya aspirent à construire un chemin afin de comprendre et de protéger notre Mère Nature, pour un meilleur environnement en vue de sa régénération.

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A LIVE & CARE Initiative by Berjaya Hotels & Resorts (BHR)

Tioman World Oceans Day (TWOD) is organised to address the issues of global warming while encouraging smart partnerships in environmental conservation programmes and challenging the Malaysian public to be more environmentally responsible. In line and in supporting the realisation of these goals, the observance of TWOD by Berjaya Hotels & Resorts allows us to highlight the impact of oceans on our surroundings and the various ways in which oceans contribute to our bottom line. Celebrating this CSR weekend provides us with an opportunity to highlight the considerable challenges we face in dealing with marine pollution, maintaining the oceans’ capacity to regulate the global climate, supply essential ecosystem services and provide sustainable livelihoods and safe recreations for our guests and surrounding community.

Coral reefs are the rainforest of the sea and home for various living creatures, thus help to provide a vital marine ecosystem. In June 2012, Berjaya Cares Foundation in collaboration with Malaysian Nature Society embarked on a 15-month coral reefs conservation project by using a scientifically proven method – the Biorock technology which has shown positive effect on coral restoration. Based on the results gathered from constant monitoring and evaluation at the site, the corals are growing 3-4 times faster compared to natural reefs.

Working in collaboration with Malaysian Nature Society through Berjaya Cares Foundation, Berjaya Hotels & Resorts embarked on another environmental project namely Revisiting Our Original Trees (“ROOTs”) in October 2013. Project ROOTS is a terrestrial project studying the gaps of research areas and high conservation value areas on Tioman Island. This project aims to promote conservation and sustainable nature tourism by highlighting unique natural flora and fauna to inspire awareness preservation of Tioman’s natural assets.

TWOD 2014 by BHR is a four-pronged CSR effort comprises of:
  • Dive Clean-up to remove as many sea debris and Crown of Thorns from sea beds
  • Beach Clean-up by the media, volunteers and non-divers
  • Project updates, site visit and experiential learning programmes of BERJAYA-MNS Project ROAR (Restore Our Awesome Reefs) and Project ROOTs (Revisiting Our Original Trees)
  • Turtle Conservation Workshop for Children by Turtle Conservation Society of Malaysia.

Join us in our LIVE & CARE initiative and Celebrate Tioman World Oceans Day this 13 – 15 June 2014, and be part of this honourable endeavour to help conserve marine life while experiencing the diverse wonders of the underwater world.

Media Contacts : Suresh Rajenthiran
Assistant Manager, Corporate Marketing & Communications
Berjaya Hotels & Resorts
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E: [email protected]

Abel Nelson Nang
Corporate Director, Corporate Marketing & Communications
Berjaya Hotels & Resorts
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E: [email protected]



Our Past Events:

June 2012   Inaugural Tioman World Ocean Day (TWOD) 2012
June 2011   Berjaya Langkawi Resort joins forces to help 22-year-old paraplegic
Mar 2011   Tioman Island Clean-up Day
Sep 2010   Redang Island Clean-up Day
Mar 2010   Berjaya Tioman Reef Clean-up
Oct 2009   Redang Island Clean Up Day