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We know that there is nothing quite like a hearty meal and good conversation to define a day. At Berjaya Waterfront Hotel, Johor Bahru, we take great pride and care in putting together fine cuisine and exquisite beverages for you to experience a complete and flavourful dining experience.

Be it breakfast, brunch, a light mid-afternoon indulgence or even sumptuous dinner gatherings, we’ve got it covered! Explore our promotional packages at great value you will love.


Explore and enjoy an afternoon hi-tea with family and friends.
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Tickle your taste buds with tantalizing chinese cuisine.
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This month's Specialties - Crispy Chicken with grilled jumbo sausage.
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Anytime, is a good time for drinks with a buddy!
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Fancy something mild yet delicious?
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Indulge in exquisite cognac offer this month.
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