Tioman Island Clean-up Day    
4 – 6 March 2011, Tioman Island (Malaysia)  
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In Promoting Island Sustainability, Berjaya Tioman Resort Has Its Way!

A charitable deed goes a long way to the point of giving back to Mother Nature itself. 70 divers and 50 participants including the media took part in an effort to preserve the splendid sanctuary of Tioman Island.

Endorsed by Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) Project AWARE, the three-day TIOMAN ISLAND CLEAN-UP DAY (TICD) scheduled from 04 to 06 March 2011 vows to fortify conservation of underwater life and educate people on the importance of coral reefs to the ecosystems.

A total of 185 Crown of Thorns (COT) were removed during the dive clean-up, covering islands with diving sites where coral beds are abundant and a few others – identified as the most productive areas of coral reef's breeding ground. These islands are Renggis, Chebeh, Genting Bay, Cabas and Malang Rocks.

Various educational-fun-filled activities which include clean-up dive, beach cleaning, conservation seminar by PADI and community visit to Sekolah Kebangsaan Tekek and Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Tekek were held.

Berjaya Tioman Resort is also supporting the TAT Turtle Sanctuary which is in association with Pahang State Government and Department of Fisheries Malaysia. The institute focuses on preserving and maintaining turtle population in Tioman Island.

As a closing to the three-day expedition, a spectacular Malaysian-themed Gala Dinner was held by the beach catering to all participants. The entire group had a tremendous time together.