Various types of beverages are made available to quench your thirst as well as to rejuvenate after acclaiming a successful business windfall! This will be your chance to celebrate a wonderful moment with your team!

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Menu Selection

Package List Price Per Person
(max 2 hours) (max 4 hours) Additional Hours
Cordial Punch MYR15.00 MYR12.00 MYR5.00
Fruit Punch MYR30.00 MYR55.00 MYR15.00
Aerated Drinks MYR30.00 MYR55.00 MYR20.00
Fresh Juices (Orange, Star Fruit and Watermelon) MYR80.00 MYR150.00 MYR40.00
Chilled Juices MYR40.00 MYR75.00 MYR30.00
Aerated Drinks and Chilled Juices MYR70.00 MYR130.00 MYR40.00
Aerated Drinks and Draft Beer MYR70.00 MYR130.00 MYR40.00
Chilled Juices and Draft Beer MYR70.00 MYR130.00 MYR50.00
House Wine and Aerated Drinks MYR80.00 MYR150.00 MYR50.00
House Wine and Draft Beer MYR90.00 MYR170.00 MYR50.00
Draft Beer, Aerated Drinks and Chilled Juices MYR90.00 MYR170.00 MYR55.00
House Wine, Aerated Drinks and Chilled Juices MYR95.00 MYR180.00 MYR55.00
House Wine, Draft Beer, Aerated Drinks and Chilled Juices MYR100.00 MYR180.00 MYR60.00
House Pouring Liquors (standard brands), House Wine, Draft Beer, Aerated Drinks and Chilled Juices MYR120.00 MYR220.00 MYR70.00

Corkage Charges
1. Darft Beer MYR300.00 per barrel
2. Wines and Champagne MYR80.00 per bottle
3. Spirits and Hard Liquor - ALL MYR80.00 per bottle
4. Can/Bottle MYR70.00 per carton
5. Can/Bottle MYR5.00 per can/bottle

Bar / Beverage set-up not inclusive of food
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2 nights stay at the luxurious
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Bonding Time with the Family (2 adults & 2 children). Inclusive of 2 nights stay with sports & recreation credits and much MORE...

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