Couple wins dream wedding package

11 March 2009 by Isaac Hiew, The Sun newspaper (Malaysia)
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Yap and Teo share their joy with Thang (left) at the prize-presentation ceremony.

APRIL 23 promises to be a dream-come-true day for Kelvin Teo Seh Kiat and Kimberly Yap Huay Sean – the winning couple in the Love Me Do! online wedding contest organised by Berjaya Hotels and Resorts.

Teo and Yap, who won the grand prize of an "everything-paid-and-planned designer beach wedding" worth more than RM100,000, can look forward to living out their dream at the Berjaya Langkawi Beach & Spa Resort next month.

Teo, from Labuan, and Yap, from Cheras, Kuala Lumpur, received a whopping 126,154 online votes to win the contest that had attracted 1,850 contestants and saw six months of intense competition, public online voting and blogging to decide the outcome.

First runners-up, David Lee Chun Boon and Louise Chu Wei Shan, garnered 26,858 votes, while second runners-up, Sean Lim Hsien Han and Cherlyn Wong Bee Hong, received 2,095 votes.

When the results of the final round of the contest were announced at a ceremony at Bespoked 1 Utama last Friday, a stunned Yap could not hold back her tears as she turned to embrace Teo. "Ever since I was a kid, I wanted to be the prettiest bride ever," she said.

Relating how they met at the National University of Singapore seven years ago, Yap said, however, that she had not expected to win the "wedding of her dreams" without having to pay a sen.

"Kevin had read about the Love Me Do! website contest and we decided to give it a try. I really did not expect we would come this far."

Teo expressed the couple’s thanks to the organisers, sponsors, friends and voters for helping them fulfil their dream. "This will certainly be one of the most precious memories Kimberly and I will share," the 27-year-old strategic investment analyst said.

Berjaya Hotels and Resorts marketing and communications director Thang Han-Ni, who mooted the idea for the contest, said: "When we embarked on the idea, we truly believed in the cause and the power that could be generated about love.

"We were passionate about making it happen, believing that love does make the world go round! We wanted to raise some hope in the midst of all the bad news around us by helping couples come together and fulfil their dreams," she said.

Thang thanked the 28 business partners and sponsors who made the contest a success including Bespoked designer Ian Chang and Edmund Tham Photography.

"We couldn’t have done it alone. I can’t name them all off the cuff, but I would like to convey my thanks to them," she said, hinting at the possibility of another season of Love Me Do.

Lee and Chu won themselves a three-day two-night wedding package at Berjaya Redang Beach Resort, while Lim and Wong won a wedding package at Berjaya Tioman Beach, Golf & Spa Resort.

Lee said Chu and he thoroughly enjoyed themselves during the six-month "journey", and even found long lost friends on Facebook while trying to garner votes.

For Lim and Wong, who had no previous blogging experience and barely managed to do the video recording – a requirement of the contest – the past six months was a rich and memorable experience.

"It’s not about winning or losing, but the excitement of participating. It was wonderful for both of us," Wong said.

The contest, which began on Oct 14, registered more than 827,000 page views and attracted voters from as far away as the United Kingdom.


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