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An idyllic haven where sand, wind, water and lush greeneries blend seamlessly, Berjaya Hotel Colombo is located in Mount Lavinia, 10 kilometres south of Colombo and 45 kilometres from Bandaranaike International Airport, Katunayake. Discover a world of retreat and relaxation amidst the exotic plains of Colombo and let the tensions of ‘the real world’ melt away and.

Located approximately 5 minutes by car from the hotel, the zoo has a fine collection of animals, birds, reptiles and fish from all over the world. A special attraction is the daily elephant performance at 1715 hours.

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0830 – 1800 Daily

Mount Lavinia is famed for its "Golden Mile" of beaches and it is a hot spot for international tourists with a laid back yet colourful nightlife. It is one of the most liberal regions in Sri Lanka and also plays host to the island's famed Rainbow Kite Festival.

The Galle Face Green is the largest open space in Colombo. The five hectare ocean-side urban park stretches one and a half kilometre along the coast. The promenades was laid out in 1859 by British Governor Sir Henry George Ward as a means to enable their cannons a strategic line of fire against the Portuguese.

Located close to the south of Fort town, it is a popular destination for those who want to indulge in their favourite pastimes next to the sea under the open sky.

Formerly known as “Victoria Park”, Viharamahadevi Park is the oldest and largest park situated in the heart of Colombo.

It was built during the British rule as Victoria Park and remained as ViharaMahaDevi Park, in honour of a famous historical Sinhalese queen, mother of King Dutugamunu the hero of the nation.

Comprise of beautifully landscaped gardens with variety of trees, flowers, lotus ponds, fountains, golden image of Buddha, large Statue of Queen Viharamahadevi, and Queen Victoria.

On the south-eastern side of the park is a special section for children with a small train, a zoo of baby animals, mini aquarium and an amusement park.

Built by Thomas Van Rhee, this large building reflects the features of a 17th century Dutch Urban house. It was once used as an arms store of army hospital, police training centre, Pettah post office and telecommunication centre.

In 1971 the building suffered a heavy damage due to heavy monsoon and the building was abandoned. In 1977, a restoration program was initiated to restore the building backed by the Netherlands government and was opened to the public in 1982 as the Colombo Dutch Museum.

The museum displays the Dutch legacy with the artefacts including furniture, ceramics, coins and weaponry, portraying the various facets of contemporary life and culture.

Gangaramaya Temple is one of the most important temples in Colombo. The temple's architecture demonstrates a mix of Sri Lankan, Thai, Indian, and Chinese architecture.

Comprise of the temple, an assembly hall and a vocational training institute. The temple is involved in welfare work including old peoples' homes, a vocational school and an orphanage.

The temple is uniquely attractive and tolerant to congregation members of many different religions.

Laksala is the only State owned Gift & Souvenir Boutique and was established under the National Crafts Council And Allied Institutions Act, No. 35 of 1982.

You will find an eclectic blend of items ranging from selections of beautifully packaged tea and spices to, colourful batik ware to an elaborate collection of art and craft as well as the finest collection of traditional Sri Lankan Gems and Jewellery.

Independence Commemoration Hall located on Independence Square (formally Torrington Square) in Cinnamon Gardens, is a national monument in Sri Lanka.

It was built to commemorate the independence of Sri Lanka from the British rule. This Hall is based on the architecture of the Audience Hall ( Magul Maduwa) located in Kandy. The column and pillars are decorated with traditional Sri Lankan designs and statues of lions are placed around the the building.

The Old Parliament Building is one of the major attractions of Colombo. The Neo-Baroque-style building was built during the British colonial era to house the Legislative Council of Ceylon.

You will find that the front garden of the building complex is host to several bronze statues of eminent statesmen including that of Rt Hon D. S. Senanayake, Hon Dudley Senanayake and General Sir John Kotalawela.

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  • 3 hours 50 minutes from Singapore
  • 9 hours 55 minutes from Frankfurt
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  • From Colombo Airport to Hotel 50 minutes.

With our hotel located in Mount Lavinia, 10 kilometres south of Colombo and 45 kilometres from Bandaranaike International Airport, Katunayake, getting here requires travelling by road. Though it is a 50 minute journey by car from the airpot, the journey is extremely pleasant with scenic mountain views and lush greenery accompanying you all the way. Finding us is easy! Make your way here without any hassle.

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