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Chris Cheong Weng Kong

Chris Cheong Weng Kong
Corporate Director, e-Business


Chris Cheong is currently the Corporate Director for e-Business and is an experienced online marketing professional with sound knowledge of the hospitality industry. Specializing in Digital Marketing for Berjaya Hotels & Resorts’s entire 14 properties across Asia (Malaysia, Philippines & Sri Lanka), Africa (Seychelles) and Europe (United Kingdom). Heading the e-Business team that formulates and manages Digital Marketing Strategies, SEO and Search Campaigns, Online Reputation Management, Social Media Marketing, Electronic Distribution Optimization, Database & Email Marketing, Loyalty & Retention Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Website Developments & Enhancements and Google Analytics and Business Intelligence Reports. Carrying more than 20 years’ experience that includes Hotel Sales & Marketing & Travel Agent Operations, it provides and added advantage when formulating Online Initiatives for the Individual Property or for the Chains. He is also an accomplished speaker and a regular to attending conferences and workshops on travel technologies, digital marketing and social media management throughout Asian and Europe.