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Actualising Possibilities, Adapting To Setbacks And Winning The Hearts Of Guests

Michael Tan, General Manager, Berjaya Tioman Resort – Malaysia

PAHANG, APRIL 2015 – With its warm beaches, lovely seas and lush rainforests, Berjaya Tioman Resort flies high on the radar when it comes to planning island getaways and underwater adventures. Whether a dive retreat, family vacation or getting in touch with nature, the resort has become the destination of choice for discerning world travellers.

As such, with the resort’s General Manager, Michael Tan at the helm, the focus for Berjaya Tioman Resort has always been to retaining an unspoiled feel for the surroundings of the resort on the island where guests can get in touch with pristine wilderness and friendly, authentic village life.

"For an ultimate combination of adventure and beach relaxation, Berjaya Tioman Resort is your match. We just love giving people the chance to experience this spirit. We strive to provide our guests with new and adventurous experiences, opportunities for health and wellness, and utmost relaxation,” said Michael.

To achieve this, the general manager combines location, product, atmosphere, and, above all, service, to bring the entire experience for guests to life. Leading the team at the resort, the General Manager is constantly working to improve based on the feedback received from guests. In addition, he is continuously using the feedback for training purposes to ensure that the resort delivers service excellence to all their guests.

“The most significant elements of the guest experience – and the hardest to get right – are delivered by our people and we continue to believe that it is the individual resourcefulness, skill and sensitivity of each member of our staff to adapt to the individual needs and situations that will make the greatest point of difference.

For this to happen, I make it a point to be continually involved with our associates on an individual basis, celebrating successes and trying to nurture a positive atmosphere of good humour and openness where every colleague feels free to act in the best interest of the guests, and understands the critical importance of their individual contribution. At the same time, I am pushing and nudging for excellence all the time in every aspect of guest experiences while looking for areas where we may have an opportunity to improve,” Michael explained.

Now that the resort has re-opened after the monsoon and operations have resumed following the 4-month closure since last November, full-board offerings are brought to the table as a strategic move to add value for patrons. Beyond the “eat-and-stay” format, the General Manager is looking to expand Berjaya Tioman Resort’s hospitality and services to form an avenue for guests to explore and discover a plethora of lively experiences which include daily activities so they have the option of simply relaxing or participating with other guests.

While Michael has always focused on creating value for the resort’s stakeholders, he has never neglected his social and environmental responsibilities. Conversely, he embraces this duty and is all in when it comes to meeting obligations to the natural environment and communities in which the group and resort operates in.

As one of the key personnel actively involved in driving the Berjaya Tioman Reef Clean-up (BTRC) which advanced to become the Tioman World Oceans Day (TWOD) where beach and reef clean-ups are carried out alongside activities to raise awareness on conserving marine life, the General Manager is especially passionate about doing his bit for the environment. To further inculcate this spirit, Michael is also extending the chance for resort guests and other visitors to the island to join in on this marine life conservation activity annually with special stay and dive packages.

“I always believe that we should help the community and environment in which ever way we can, regardless if it is directly or indirectly. The best way is to get the younger generations of the community involved as well, because whatever effort we put in today will impact the future,” emphasised Michael as he reaffirmed his passion.

Attributing success to hard work, passion, being people oriented, and constant self-motivation, Michael stays true to his personal mantra to which he has portrayed with great distinct, and which, has also shaped him as a strong leader in the hospitality industry. As such, with Michael at the helm, guests can expect each journey to this destination to be infused with a peaceful, relaxed and well-balanced vibe for an exceptional, impactful and meaningful retreat.


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