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Dianne Tye, General Manager, ANSA Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia

KUALA LUMPUR, OCTOBER 2015 – Right smack in the middle of Kuala Lumpur’s trendiest shopping and entertainment district, Ansa Kuala Lumpur on Bukit Bintang Road, a nature inspired boutique hotel with unique and chic yet intimate settings, is a connected and compelling urban sanctuary offering one of the best locations from which to explore and discover the enthralling lifestyle and various attractions in the city.

Leveraging on this appeal and keeping abreast with travel trends, Dianne Tye, the hotel’s General Manager utilises this understanding to appease the various demands of the varied groups of clientele and makes it a point to cater to their every beck and call the best she can.

“Travelers choose to stay at a boutique hotel because of characteristics that stand out to them. Especially with today's consumers who increasingly seek ‘experience’ in everything they do, we have to play on our strengths to provide them just that. As we are blessed with having an ideal location, we revel in it and make this an integral part of the guest experience and in a way, strive to make the hotel synonymous with its vicinity,” explained Dianne.

“Another competitive edge we have is that the nature of our hotel enables us to simply have more close-knit interactions between guests and the hotel based on service at a very personal and friendly level, from the very highest levels of management to the on-ground staff. We train our staff to find out who our customers are and what they need, and to surprise them with what we can provide. This will all become experiences that guests take away with them, and remember fondly and appreciatively,” she added.

Whilst optimising, managing and running a 167-room boutique hotel in a city of hundreds of hotels in the burgeoning and intensely competitive hotel industry might seem like a highly demanding job, Dianne, with her spirited personality, explicit optimism and penchant for people and hospitality ardently steps up to the challenge and balances a multitude of tasks while keeping a smile on her face in her never ending endeavour of providing the best experiences for guests.

When asked what it is about the industry that inspires her and keeps her going, Dianne replied good-naturedly, “It’s the people. It’s not just about meeting new faces or anticipating a new challenge every day. It’s also the joy that comes from the satisfaction of solving problems for my guests or seeing them enjoying their stay.”

Besides raising service standards, providing a total experience and making every moment count for guests, Dianne is constantly upgrading the facilities and securing additional amenities that can be enjoyed by guests in great comfort. At present, the hotel lobby is currently undergoing renovation works as part of a carefully planned approach scheduled to complete by early next year.

With the recent opening of a Starbucks store as well as other up-and-coming F&B outlets at the hotel, and especially with the recent rebrand of the hotel to ANSA Kuala Lumpur, guests can look forward to a promising revamp which will position the hotel as an emerging lifestyle hub within the vibrant Bukit Bintang area in the city.

“As hospitality is all about understanding and anticipating customer needs, this requires patience, perseverance, and passion. The way I see it, even small steps ahead or simple measures which yield improved results can be celebrated and serve as motivation. Regardless of how challenging it is, we should constantly work on keeping the foundations of our successes strong and be confident that we can pull it off,” concluded Dianne as she reaffirmed her dedication to delivering true one-of-a-kind experiences.