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All For Devising Impactful Experiences And Meaningful Retreats For Guests

Rizal Yaacob, Executive Assistant Manager, Redang Island Resort – Malaysia

REDANG, JULY 2015 – Set amidst a natural wonderland of lush green jungles, azure waters and white-sand beaches, Redang Island Resort serves as a tranquil and cosy hideaway, ideal for relaxation and soothing retreats, beachside fun, and entreating adventures on the beautiful island of Redang. At the core of it all, Rizal Yaacob, the resort’s Executive Assistant Manager, leads the team at the resort to continuously provide the best hospitality, services and product offerings for guests.

In his efforts to ensure guests can enjoy their time at the resort to the fullest, Rizal leverages on the unique beauty of the property, keeps abreast with travel trends and has recently come up with carefully designed packages featuring interesting yet customisable combinations with emphasis on island discovery experiences alongside food and beverage to make Redang Island Resort stand out as an even more attractive beach holiday destination.

With this, guests are in for a different kind of holiday, as apart from the increased level of engagement beyond the “eat-and-stay” format, Rizal has ensured that the offerings at Redang Island Resort are catered for all the senses – sights, sounds, smells, and tastes – to form a plethora of lively encounters as an avenue for guests to explore, discover and enjoy differentiated and more meaningful experiences.

“Our focus is always on our guests and on creating uplifting experiences for each and every one of them. Besides the beautiful settings and tranquillity of our resorts’ surroundings, we believe that we can leverage our expertise to devise impactful and meaningful retreats through this initiative so that our guests can indulge in the ideal vacation they truly deserve. With this, our initial goal of providing a unique and authentic beach holiday destination experience for everyone will always be our top priority and what we strive to achieve,” Rizal said as he explained the current focus for the resort.

He continued by adding, “We deliver experiences rather than simply handing over a set of room keys. We are adamant in maintaining our high level of service and on using our knowledge of the area for the benefit of our guests and offer customised services to ensure that our guests’ stays run as smoothly as possible. We are constantly finding ways to deliver beyond expectations and so we try to use a few elements of surprise to make them feel that much more special.”

Besides ensuring that the right standards and methods of service are maintained throughout the entire experience for guests at Redang Island Resort, Rizal makes it a point to keep his team cohesive and motivated at the same time and does so by maintaining a positive working environment, sincere relationships and constant communication with his associates.

When asked what he likes best about working at Redang Island Resort, Rizal did not hesitate. “Our guests so look forward to their holidays. We regularly hear that vacationing at a place as beautiful as this is a real joy. Our team works extremely hard to make sure guests love their time here. What’s satisfying for me is helping guests make the best possible memories,” he said.

As it is of utmost importance that guests are able to enjoy themselves with absolute confidence and complete satisfaction, the team at Redang Island Resort, led by Rizal is ever willing to go that extra mile to ensure a delightful stay for all. “It is essentially about really caring about our clients. We listen to their wants and needs, and we deliver tailored experiences with great attention to every last detail. This all goes back to the people we have and our leadership, and the team’s understanding of our core values and standards. If you have those in place, you can’t go wrong,” he said as he assured that his door is always open, regardless for staff or for guests.