Berjaya Hotels & Resorts Introduces ‘Flavours of Berjaya’ Cookbook
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Berjaya Hotels & Resorts Introduces ‘Flavours of Berjaya’ Cookbook.

‘Flavours of Berjaya’ is a delectable compilation of more than 30 signature dishes by the chefs of Berjaya Hotels & Resorts properties around the world. In this limited edition cookbook, our chefs will share their secret recipes and foolproof cooking techniques that have been tested and perfected from their years of experience in preparing local favourites and international cuisines for our discerning hotel guests.

‘Flavours of Berjaya’ is also a useful source of fundamental cooking methods. From learning how to make a simple appetizer to useful information such as nutritional value, this is one of the must-have cookbooks that you will continue to refer to. Staple dishes such as daging masak hitam, ayam masak ros and gulai tumis are simply satisfying, yet festive enough if you would like to throw a dinner party. The signature dishes featured in ‘Flavours of Berjaya’ are not only comforting, but they are packed with flavours and nostalgic sentiments.

Commenting on the cookbook, Mr Hanley Chew, the Chief Executive Officer of Berjaya Hotels & Resorts said, “Growing up in a multicultural community in Malaysia has taught me that we can always set aside our differences and embrace food as a common language. It has always been a way to socialise, and I love how it transcends race and ethnicity, connecting people from one culture to another. I have personally tried some of the dishes featured in this cookbook – they are beyond delicious! Each recipe embodies gastronomic excellence and personality of the chef. As these chefs delight my taste buds with their creativity and inspiring culinary journeys, I taste a touch of their warm-heartedness and genuine passion.”

From April 2018 onwards, ‘Flavours of Berjaya’ will be available at major bookstores nationwide. The first print will be priced at MYR45.00.