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Championing Sustainable Hospitality Through Customer Focus, Innovation And Earnest Initiative

Dev Singh, General Manager, Georgetown City Hotel, Penang – Malaysia

PENANG, MAY 2015 – Centrally located in the capital city of the bustling Penang Island, Georgetown City Hotel (GCH) is part of the 1-Stop Midlands Park Business and Entertainment Complex and is surrounded by endless shopping and entertainment options, tempting local delicacies and rich historic and cultural sights. With the hotel’s presence right smack in a middle of a tourist hotspot, yet prominent as an arena for business rendezvous, its clientele ranges vastly from backpackers to families on vacation, discerning socialites and businessmen.

Leveraging on this unique nature of the property and keeping abreast with travel trends, Dev Singh, the hotel’s General Manager utilises this understanding to appease the various demands of the varied groups of clientele and makes it a point to cater to their every beck and call the best he can.

“Whether business or leisure, budget or luxury, everyone expects to feel special, to have their expectations met, to have their experiences built around them. This is not just about fulfilling the basic requirements of providing accommodation. It is also to do with ensuring guests have what they want, when they want in every aspect – no matter how big or how small – involved in any hotel stay,” explained Dev.

Carrying along with him decades of hotelier experiences, Dev recognises that a true leader is someone with a vision and the know-how of the service industry. As the vision cannot be achieved unless it percolates down to every single person in the organisation, the General Manager puts great emphasis to provide a healthy and caring working environment at the hotel so that his associates are as satisfied and as happy as the valued guests of the hotel.

“I make it a point to show that I care about my staff as much as I do for guests. If we want our staff to treat our guests well, we, at the management level have to start by treating our staff right and give them the respect they deserve. Besides, I believe in empowerment for growth and progress. This in turn encourages staff to do their best and go the extra mile to provide the best services to our clientele,” enthused the good-natured General Manager who is always glad to lend a hand or ear to the many guests and staff under his purview.

He continued by adding, “In efforts to align my staff with what the organisation aims to achieve, I am frank and transparent in my dealings with them and constantly share the hotel’s revenue and progress ratings on customer service so that they can know first-hand and judge our performance for themselves. This engages my staff and keeps the team cohesive. They are exposed to what is actually going on, and in a way, it drives them to take initiative in boosting their performances and also to be more accountable.”

Besides ensuring that the right standards and methods of service are maintained throughout the entire experience for guests at Georgetown City Hotel, Dev takes pride in bringing in new dimensions in hospitality to add value for the hotel. Constantly upgrading the facilities and securing additional amenities that can be enjoyed by guests in great comfort, Dev also took to transforming the conventional scene at GCH into a homey and lifestyle based one for an even better experience.

“As hospitality is all about understanding and anticipating customer needs, innovation is much needed to strengthen our brand and stand out in this highly competitive market. The Penang market is unique in a way that besides being a leisure travel destination, we also have Health Tourism. As such, besides providing free shuttle service to malls and points of interests, we cater the same service to hospitals. We also came up with a special Healthy Diet Meals menu for the convenience of these guests.” said Dev.

Apart from being a holiday home for a Penang city adventure and weekend getaways, GCH is regarded as one of the finest destinations for various business and leisure events, and is also the preferred venue for Meetings, Incentives, Conventions & Exhibitions (MICE) in Penang with its versatile function spaces, state-of-the-art facilities and accommodative capacity.

“In light of the country’s prospering MICE sector, we are also evolving to meet the various demands. We focus on providing undivided support from the very beginning right to the very end of each event for a smooth flow of events. Further, it is important to work closely with clients to understand what they want, then carefully review every detail to create opportunities that push the envelope and make every event unique and memorable,” said Dev as he explained his pursuits for the property.

It is with a genuine care, a fervent passion and great devotion that Dev leads the entire team at Georgetown City Hotel to make every stay and encounter a spectacular one for guests. As it is of utmost importance that guests are able to gather, stay, recuperate and dine with absolute confidence and complete satisfaction, expect nothing less of quality and exquisiteness with him at the helm. Now all one has to do is enter the hotel’s doors for a complete and wholesome experience.


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