Hip Reinvention Of Tastes At Samplings On The Fourteenth Restaurant
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Hip Reinvention Of Nostalgic Tastes At Samplings On The Fourteenth Restaurant

All-new Ala Carte Menu for Berjaya Times Square Hotel, Kuala Lumpur’s Resident Fine-dining Restaurant All Set to Please

KUALA LUMPUR, AUGUST 2015 – The best restaurants in the world are their own worst critics and are always reinventing themselves and upping the ante time and time again. Samplings On The Fourteenth Restaurant with Chef De Cuisine, Chef Valmurugan Subramaniam at the helm is no exception. Albeit having racked up enough glittery accolades in the local and international gourmet dining scene, the man behind the creative craftsmanship at Samplings, fondly known as Chef Val is looking to reset the bar and bring even more to the table and by taking big gambles with bold shake-ups, instead of making gradual tweaks.

Thanks to the creative mind of the industry veteran and his assertiveness in keeping with the basic tenets of his signature culinary art forms and only using the absolute finest regional ingredients, diners can expect a whole new range of show-stopping dishes, in addition to a pleasant walk down memory lane featuring familiar flavours but with a whimsical twist. Leveraging on the likings of culinary enthusiasts during 2014’s Malaysia International Gourmet Festival, Chef Val also included popular award-winning dishes and crowd pleasers as part of the new offerings at Samplings. And all these, artfully put together, form a freshly revamped format which debuted early this month.

"The new culinary offerings here go beyond everything I have ever created. Although I am sticking to my style of simple grown up dishes with emphasis on perfect execution, I am also introducing new preparations that incorporate more modern approaches. This will bring about a refreshing revamp to the menu while we put up more intricate dishes which not only showcases the ingredients, but also more refined cooking techniques," says Chef Val as he enthused on creating more deserving variations of cuisine choices that display artistry with top-notch wine pairings.

Simply speaking for themselves with plenty to say, the beautifully executed appetisers start off any meal with a bang. For one, the Poached Sea Scallop topped with salmon caviar on a bed of chipotle tomato and spinach puree packs a punch full of flavour while the Chef’s Recommended Caesar Salad, with runny egg yolk melting into a silky mixture of dressing and parmesan with fresh romaine lettuce and toasted croutons for crunch, tossed before your eyes, entices your taste buds and leaves you anticipating for more to come.

Entirely revamped to feature unique flavours which portray a refined upscale dining experience, the Soup Menu matches expectations well. Sophisticated with unparalleled velvety smoothness, the Cream of Jerusalem Artichoke brings out sweet and nutty flavours with a hint of astringent and saline tastes complex enough to leave you pleasantly puzzled, yet sending you into surges of warm satisfaction. Whereas, brilliantly tweaked, the Roma Tomato Soup now infused with virgin coconut oil and complemented with poached quail eggs, adds a dash of tropical flavour to the tasty acidic melange.

While a few signature items predate the menu’s makeover – Chef Val’s take on Australian Wagyu Beef Cheek accentuated with creamy blue cheese polenta and Smoked Duck Breast roasted to perfection are too dazzling to retire – most of the menu items from the four category of mains are entirely new. The master chef’s food, well-defined and audacious, appears simple enough – Salmon Napoleon, pan-sear marked fillet on one side with rich coulis on the other – but when they hit your taste buds, the real adventure begins. This is similar to the Chef Recommended Seafood Tomato Bouillabaisse where the freshest catch of the day is stewed with spices to form a beautiful medley of flavours, delivering the pure taste of the sea.

Desserts, as thoughtfully elevated as everything else here, come courtesy of the hotel’s new Pastry Chef, Chef John Wong. With an entirely new offering of sinful sweet treats for avid closure to a gratifying dining experience, the many elements used artfully by the pastry master come together forming delicate works of art that are as smartly conceived as the restaurant menu revamp itself. Highlights like the Giandutto Terrine, where crispy hazelnut chunks are layered with hazelnut chocolate mousse, and the rich yet well-balanced Pecan Nut Cheese Brownies are combinations that are neither extraneous nor excessively overdone, just bites of perfection that leave a memorable taste in your mouth.

Since opening its doors in 2011, Samplings On The Fourteenth Restaurant has built a steadfast name as one of the most distinguished fine-dining restaurants in the local dining scene. Defined by its modern style and refined setting, it is an exquisite addition to the upscale eating establishments in Kuala Lumpur. Discerning food lovers, tourists and locals on a culinary exploration of the city’s best restaurants will find that it serves any occasion. The brilliant view, open concept kitchen, exceptional dishes, fine collection of vintage wines and Chef Val’s signature touches best describes the restaurant’s holistic experience.

Following the reinvention of the menu, the restaurant is also offering the chance for diners to savour their brilliant new creations and discover an all new dimension of taste at promotional value in conjunction with its participation and role as the venue host for the upcoming Malaysia International Gourmet Festival (MIGF) 2015.

For further enquiries or reservations, kindly contact Samplings On The Fourteenth Restaurant at +603 2117 8000 ext. 8131 or email bth.samplings@berjayahotel.com. Operation hours are from 6.30pm to 10.30pm, Mondays to Saturdays.