Maintaining A Sustainable Lifestyle & Balanced Equilibrium For Guests
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Keeping The Elements Of A Sustainable, Effective Lifestyle In Check And Balanced In Equilibruim For Guests

Norazman Chung, General Manager, Berjaya Makati Hotel – Philippines

MAKATI, FEBRUARY 2015 – With a prominent address in the central business district of Manila, just within walking distance to the Philippine Stock Exchange, Ayala Museum and the Greenbelt, Berjaya Makati Hotel (BMH) is centred on providing its services for discerning socialites, businessmen and tourists of the metro in an avid, fast-paced and highly-demanding setting.

Understanding that the hotel’s guests tend to be leaders, owing their accomplishments to a strong work ethic and a busy lifestyle, General Manager, Norazman Chung is all about fostering productivity and wellbeing, offering services for restful sleep, personal care, and inspiration through the various programmes, amenities and services at the hotel.

“Whether business or leisure, budget or luxury, everyone expects to feel special, to have their expectations met, to have their experiences built around them. This is not just about ensuring they have what they want, when they want it. It is also to do with the run-of-the-mill, hygiene factors, and every other aspect – no matter how big or how small – involved in any hotel stay,” explained Norazman.

Carrying along with him decades of hotelier experiences, Norazman recognises that a true leader is someone with a vision and the know-how of the service industry. As the vision cannot be achieved unless it percolates down to every single person in the organisation, the General Manager puts great emphasis to provide a healthy and caring working environment at the hotel so that his associates are as satisfied and as happy as the valued guests of the hotel.

“It is simple, happy staff equals happy guests. If we want our staff to treat our guests right, we, at the management level have to start by treating our staff right and give them the respect they deserve. I also believe in empowerment, and by making sure that my staff are given the opportunity to make their own decisions when dealing with guests, it in turn allows them to feel empowered and motivated to do their best and go the extra mile to provide the best services to our clientele,” added the good-natured and easy-going General Manager who is always glad to lend a hand or ear to the many guests and staff under his purview.

Besides ensuring that the right standards and methods of service are maintained throughout the entire experience for guests at Berjaya Makati Hotel, Norazman takes pride in bringing in new dimensions in hospitality to add value for the hotel. With the newly completed renovation works on the 26th floor, the hotel now features Executive Rooms of lavish luxury and comfort, presenting guests with quality accommodation that matches even the most upscale and high-end hotels in the city. Aiming to feature new concepts and designs, and secure additional facilities that can be enjoyed by guests in great comfort, he has also mapped out in detail an additional hotel refurbishment programme which will commence this year.

“As hospitality is all about understanding and anticipating customer needs, innovation is much needed to strengthen our brand and stand out in this highly competitive market. You have to be open to learn and adopt new things. With our unique background as the only hotel in the area which offers halal and authentic Malaysian and Indian cuisine, we leveraged on this and went on to highlight this special food culture. We are also looking at creating a niche by emphasising BMH as a halal friendly hotel,” said Norazman.

Epitomising the true essence of hospitality, Norazman never lets himself be set aback by the challenges that keep him from providing the best outcomes for guests, and his remarkable track record in the industry showcases his determination to out-do himself time and time again.

“I prioritise improvising the existing processes to get improved results. Regardless of how challenging it is, we should constantly work on keeping the foundations of our successes strong and be confident that we can pull it off. I tell myself – you can do it, or ‘kaya mo yan’ as how the Filipinos put it,” Norazman concluded as he revealed his personal mantra and reaffirmed his dedication.

It is with a genuine care, a fervent passion and great devotion that Norazman leads the entire team at Berjaya Makati Hotel to make every stay and encounter a spectacular one for guests. As it is of utmost importance that guests are able to gather, stay, recuperate and dine with absolute confidence and complete satisfaction, expect nothing less of quality and exquisiteness with him at the helm. Now all one has to do is enter the hotel’s doors for a complete and wholesome experience.