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Sharing Responsibility towards Clean Environment

Sports & Welfare Club of Berjaya Hotel Colombo focused the CSR activities of the agenda towards improving the cleanliness of the hotel premises in terms of making it a more environment friendly place.

General Manager Mr. Norazman Chung, President and Members of the Sports & Welfare Club voluntarily attended to this event and cleaned the place. The debris and garbage collection were sent out to a garbage disposable area. This project could instill the importance of team work among the staff apart from keeping the environment clean and tidy. Among the things collected were mainly the empty plastic and glass bottles, broken glass materials, metal parts and some other waste materials dumped here and there creating serious environment pollution and dengue threat. Our Hotel is located partly in a common area due to the open road from one entrance to the hotel and the neighboring houses in the same premises. It is because of this important aspect that needs total responsibility of all concerned, the Sports & Welfare Club has taken a step to invite our neighbors to take part in this important exercise when planning the next cleaning program of this area.