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Tourism Festival – Food Fiesta

To commemorate World Tourism Day on September 27, a one-week tourism festival was organized in Seychelles from September 15 to 22 to celebrate the importance of tourism for the island nation. For this year’s edition, A Food Fiesta was organized on Praslin at the Berjaya Praslin Resort promenade on the 22nd September.

A race between waiters and waitresses
Waiters and Waitresses from different tourism establishments from Praslin had the chance to test their ability to race-walk with a loaded tray. The participants had to race-walk 100 metres on the sandy beach without spilling the content of the glasses on their tray or dropping the bottle. They had the opportunity to refill their glasses once before reaching the finishing line. The race walk competition was aimed at testing their ability to balance a loaded tray.

Ms. Elsa Brioche and Mr. Steeve Banane both from the Berjaya Praslin Resort won the race.

A Food Fiesta
After the race, participants, locals and visitors were able to partake in a food fiesta put up by different hotel establishments at the Berjaya Praslin Resort promenade. It was an opportunity for guests and members of the public to taste a large variety of dishes from different cuisines of various countries with the participation of seven tourism establishments. The Berjaya Praslin Resort showcased a variety of dishes ranging from Mediterranean, Creole, Middle Eastern, Indian and other cuisines, including desserts and cocktails.

Towel Folding Competition
The Housekeeping Staffs also got the chance to demonstrate their talent in the Towel Folding Competition. 

A Seychelles Nation article on the event.