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Honesty Award In Berjaya Times Square Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

What defines a good quality in an employee? To some, it may define in committing hard work as well as dedication to the job that the employee is assigned to while others might see a more pro-active role towards working attitude. To add up to this value, BTHKL highly appreciates integrity and honesty shown by our associates who handles their daily duties with care, passion and love.

Recently, in the month of September 2018, one of our esteemed guests had accidently left a cash; valued of USD9,500 while staying with us.

This amount of cash will definitely lay temptation in test; whether we should do the right thing. Presenting, our associates by the name Putu Eka Darmayanti from Housekeeping department that had shown strong value and integrity of an employee are made off. She had shown a good example of honesty amongst the associates by returning the cash to the management in order to have it returned to the owner.

Nevertheless, our guest felt extremely delighted and compliment her on her virtue and this definitely will be a good example towards the entire Berjaya Hotel group on what our employee are made off. To honour her trustworthiness, BTHKL has presented Putu Eka Darmayanti with a certificate and a special gift as token of appreciation to set an example towards other associates.