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Ocean Discovery with Berjaya Tioman Resort

The Launch of Ocean Discovery Programme with Berjaya Tioman Resort

In accordance with Berjaya Tioman Resort continuous effort to engage in Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, the Ocean Discovery programme was launched on 18 April 2019 in conjunction with Earth Day 2019. Ocean Discovery is an interactive science communication programme where Berjaya Tioman Resort guests are given in depth presentation and case study visit along the resort’s beach front and intertidal rocky shore during the low tides.

The presence of narrow river channel, mangrove trees, coral reef, rocky and sandy beach along the resort’s vicinity makes it a strategic location to conduct this programme. With the resort located between the marine and terrestrial/mangrove environment, the organisms present would also provide crucial information on the current health status and environmental condition. Hence, it allows guest to visit and observe the ecological interaction of all these unique environments in the resort which in addition also increases the awareness and interest to support Berjaya Tioman Resort’s yearly coral conservation efforts.

The programme involved volunteer guests getting together in the morning for our conservation talk provided by our very own Environmental Officer, followed by a beach clean up session. During the afternoon session guests were guided to the beach for an introduction on the unique feature of the beach morphology and sediment material/characteristics and the dynamics and interaction of the Berjaya Tioman Resort’s estuarine system with the beach and ocean current. Guests were also led to the semi-submerged rocky and exposed coral reef to educate on the importance of marine ecology and conservation of coral reefs.