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Tioman Island Conservation Day 2018 Preserve for Our Future

Berjaya Tioman Resort has once again successfully organized Tioman Island Conservation Day (TICD) alongside with their official partners Scuba People, Reef Check Malaysia, Malaysian New Zealand Chamber of Commerce and The Taaras Beach & Spa Resort on the 26th – 28th October. With a vision of preserving the sanctuary of the marine life and island’s well-being, a total of 150 participants, media and sponsors had come together and made it an eventful project. Representatives from Scuba People, Reef Check, Jabatan Perikanan Malaysia, Yayasan Coral Malaysia, Jabatan Taman Laut and 7 dive operators from Malaysia and Singapore were also present to show their support towards this event.

TICD has been an ongoing CSR event since 2010 with the continuous support from PADI Project Aware, dive centres and passionate divers from around the region and members of the media. With the dedication of conserving the environment both land and marine, divers and non-divers from all over Malaysia & Singapore comes together and participates in this significant event. Resort Manager, Mr. Charles Eman quotes, ‘Berjaya Tioman Resort believe in ‘what we take, we give back’ as the pillar of conservation.’

This year TICD continues to extend the project by expanding the project area by providing a bigger area of conducive environment for corals and marine life by deploying 2 giant coral structures and 5 coral structures with a new coral replanting method which uses ropes instead of the usual steel rod and cement structure. These coral structures comprise of a giant shark and turtle along with 5 tree structures. All these coral structures were built and submerged underwater to further encourage the growth of coral reefs. As part of the underwater clean-up, the divers also scoured through the ocean to restore the cleanliness of the seabed.

As for the non-diver participants, they experience an out of ordinarary series of activities such as participating in building their very own Fish House alongside with Tioman Island’s school children. This Fish House Project is an artificial reef method. Fish House project has benefits to coral reef eco-system in various ways, one of them is to restore the coral reef by providing base (hard surface) for coral settlement and recruitment which will help in building coral reef structure for long term result. On the other hand, this structure also acts as shelter for small organisms, such as small fishes, crabs, shrimps, and shells. A part from that, Fish House also provide a new foraging area for the fishes for feeding purposes. Participants had the opportunity to deploy their fish houses into the ocean. They also helped out to build the coral structures before the divers submerges it underwater to plant the coral and land conservation activities such as beach clean-up at Bunut Beach.

Every year, TICD will have one marine icon to be highlighted throughout the event. This year, the icon is shark. We believe that we need to instil the environmental awareness from young as they are the future of the world. In order to create the awareness, Berjaya Tioman Resort shared more with the lead of Tioman Environment Officer about sharks and why we need to protect them.

TICD 2018 has demonstrated the true meaning of togetherness and teamwork, driven by the passion for the environment. With the growing passion of going green in our society, Berjaya Tioman Resort continues to identify new ways to strengthen environmentally-friendly practices and encourage sustainability. Caring for the environment is becoming a vital part of our ‘Legacy of Care’ by Berjaya, instilled by its founder Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Vincent Tan. We are committed to maintain the Tioman Island Conservation Day as part of the corporate social responsibility to give back to the Mother Nature. This event was sponsored by Sports Toto Malaysia Sdn Bhd with generous supports from Cosway Malaysia, Carlsberg and Starbucks Malaysia.